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July 13, 2006



Your story is very romantic, not romantic as in two people falling in love romantic, but romantic as in it goes against the grain of what society normally expects out of people. The idea of the college board (The ones who run the AP testing) actually judging art though to me is ridiculous to me and whimsical at best. How can you judge art on a Rubric? Art is suppossed to be judged on the criteria of what emotion it evokes and how strongly it evokes that emotion inside the audience. I hope that you don't give up on your dream to become an artist, the world is far too depressing these days, stifled by it's own lack of imagination; it paints the same colors upon it's canvas day in and day out. I doubt you will read this being that it is far past the date that you posted it but I felt the need to comment anyways.

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