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September 07, 2005



hey, i am from the GSC steering committee, i just joined this year :) i don't know if you remember me, but this post about your experience is simply amazing and beutifully worded. hats off to you for taking chances to do something that means so much to you. great job :)


alicia=) i agree with alina 100%. this post is absolutely amazing... i'm SO glad you're willing to share your personal experience with everyone. it takes some guts=) take care!


I seriously love ur so dead serious.....when u were performing it today in front of niko, patty and was so good...omg i loved it...I seriously got teary eyed wow....well i love it and cant wait to hear u do it for the dinner!


good job!!!
the GSC girls will support you til we go to the "planet old" hahaha <3 <3

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